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A few Marketing Tips if you are Home Confined due to the Corona Virus

The Corona Virus has caused many business owners to stay home or work from home. Most people probably can’t do their regular work and have a lot of free times in their hands. In this article I would provide you a few marketing tips that you can do on your own to help your business grow for when it is back. Of Course most of these would work if you have a website, but some of them are also good if you don’t have a website but have a Google or Yelp listing.

  1. Reach out to your Customers to ask for reviews.
    If you run the type of business where you have a record of your customers, then reach out to them to ask for reviews. It would be a good idea to only try to ask those that you know are happy with your services. If this is not known, there are a few review management platforms that would send out customer satisfaction surveys first and then ask only happy customers for reviews. My company also offers such a service from
  2. Create New Site Content
    They say content is king. More site content would mean more people might be able to find your website for different keywords. There are 2 ways to do this:A) Create Blog Posts 
    If your site has a blog then write some new articles for it. If you do not have a blog section, then you should create one. You probably have time to write lot’s of content, but one post a week would be my recommendation. If you have time to write more, then write them now but use them in the future.Keep in mind to use keywords related to your services or products on your website.

    B) Create New Service/Product Pages
    You can also create some additional pages for your website around new keywords or city names that you service. Sometimes these are also known as doorway pages. However, if you can make some actual pages that are linked from your main page that would be prefered, so do not think of them as doorway pages, but think of them as more useful content for your visitors

  3. Blogger Outreach
    Write new articles and submit to different bloggers or publications in your niche and ask if they would publish on their site and provide you a link back. This is basically for SEO purposes!  However, if the sites have traffic you could also benefit from getting some traffic.
  4. Offer Discounts
    Many businesses have started offering Covid-19 discounts and specials. This is a great idea! Think of some discounts or special offers and reach out to your customers via email, phone or by posting info on your website.I hope some of these ideas would help you to generate more business and stay safe at home.

3 Ways to Build a Leading SEO Strategy on a Budget

These days SEO can be very expensive because it takes hard work to achieve great results. You either have to put in the hours yourself or higher SEO experts to do it for you. Either way it costs money, because as they say “time is money.”

Running an SEO company for 20+ years, I have seen the SEO industry change dramatically from getting results overnight to months and years. Google has tightened their algorithm so much to crack down on tactics that would have easily gotten you top rankings.

Long are the days when we used to hire offshore freelancers to do 100 directory submissions per month for $100 and you would achieve great SEO results.

However, there are still some tactics that you can do yourself that would help with SEO. Even tough it would not boost you to top for many keywords, you may still see some traffic boost from these strategies.

  1. Use Long Tail Keywords.Long tail keywords are typically keywords that are 3 words or longer. These are usually easier to rank for and are less competitive. So the idea would be to SEO for hundreds of long tail keywords, making many pages and some will end up ranking.
  2. Publish Great Blog PostsPublish keyword reach blog posts and publish often. Google loves fresh content and some of your posts may end up ranking well.
  3. Ask your Clients for Google ReviewsThis is more of a Local SEO strategy. The more positive reviews you have the better your Google local ranking would be. It is not the only factor, but it is a huge factor.

My company actually has a platform to request reviews from your clients. It works by surveying your clients first to see who is happy with your services. The ones that provide positive feedback are then asked to provide reviews on Google and Yelp.  This way you filter out the unhappy clients to avoid getting negative reviews. Check out for more details.

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Google changes “NOFOLLOW” links: Should you be worried?

People in the SEO industry are buzzing about Google’s recent changes to the way “NOFOLLOW” links work, as these were the first major changes to the NOFOLLOW link attribute since it was introduced in 2005. NOFOLLOW links have been a common SEO practice for over a decade, because they help publishers avoid having their websites penalized for spam or undesirable links. But what even is a NOFOLLOW link? And how does this affect your site if you’re trying to rise through the search engine rankings? Continue reading “Google changes “NOFOLLOW” links: Should you be worried?”

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Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian Uses 20+ Years of Experience to Advise Retailers on Improving Their Web Presence

This Article originally appeared on in 2016, but I just discovered that the website no longer exists so I am reposting it here.

The Crunch: For 20 years, Pierre Zarokian and his company Submit Express have been helping local, national, and online businesses improve their web presence with reputation management, SEO, and other marketing services such as email advertising and landing page creation. The company’s clients, including Siemens, Purina Mills, and Penn State University, have used Pierre’s experience and solutions to place their content in front of the readers they want to reach. Pierre shared some tips with us that present retailers with best practices that can help boost search rankings, maintain good reputations, and, ultimately, increase conversion and revenue.


Continue reading “Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian Uses 20+ Years of Experience to Advise Retailers on Improving Their Web Presence”

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RIP Keith Flint of The Prodigy

The sad news a few days ago was that Keith Flint of The Prodigy has been found dead at age of 49. Apparently he took his own life 😦

The Prodigy was an influential EDM band from the 90’s. They came to the scene in 1992, but it wasn’t until their 3rd album in 1997 that they hit it big. I remember the track “Firestarter” being played on the radio when they didn’t even have a record deal. Madonna’s label jumped on it and offered them $1 Million. This was unheard of for electronic music band in those days.  Even today it would be surprising for an EDM act to get paid so much.

Although they are best known for the track “Firestarter,” I like their second single from the album “The Fat of The Land” much better, called “Breathe.”  Here you can watch the video.

I used to go to a lot of EDM shows and have seen many EDM acts in the late 90’s to early 2000’s, including Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method and Junkie XL, who made similar music to Prodigy. But for some reason I never saw The Prodigy live.

Interesting thing is that Keith took his own life on day 3/3/19. Those that produce electronic music know that “303” or “Roland TB-303” is well known sought after vintage synthesizer from the 80’s that was used by the Prodigy.  Many are wondering if there was any connection to Keith taking his life on this day or just a coincidence!