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Changes to Google Instant Search

Article by Pierre Zarokian

Quite a few years ago, Google pushed a new feature live that would show the results of an inquiry as you wrote them out. Named “Google Instant” the organization was trying to push search forward by improving its responsiveness. Starting today, this component is viably expelled from Google’s web crawler. We have the scoop, so read on.

Marissa Mayer, who has gone ahead to lead Yahoo!, led the effort to launch Google Instant in 2010. She needed to, in a general sense, look at how search can be made more responsive than it already was. This move generated a lot of media buzz when it initially dropped.

At any rate, half of all searches are presently done on cell phones, rendering Instant Search somewhat obsolete. It’s impractical to render these sorts of queries effortlessly on mobile, thus Google has chosen to remove this element altogether.

Google’s new search feature will indicate recommended queries as you type, with the option to click or tap on any result to see a list of indexed pages for that query. This unobtrusive move gives comparative usefulness, and most users will scarcely see the change.

Basically, this move builds up some level of consistency for Google. Some users that used Google search on desktop had effectively incapacitated Instant Search with a bypass, finding the feature invasive or at the least not useful. With this move, the desktop and mobile experiences are now much closer aligned.

Search won’t, in a general sense, change because of this move, yet users may require some extra clicks to get what they need. This could be an open door for SEO rivalry too, which was dealt a savage blow when the best results were served instantly.

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