My Experience at 10ksb – By Pierre Zarokian

Pierre Zarokian at 10KSB
Pierre Zarokian at 10KSB

Written by Pierre Zarokian.

For the past few years Goldman Sachs has been offering a free training program for small business owners to grow their companies.  As per their website “Through the program, participants will gain practical skills in topics such as negotiation, marketing, and employee management that can immediately be put into action. In addition, they will receive the tools and professional support they need to develop a strategic and customized business growth plan that will take their company to the next level.”

It is called “10,000 Small Business,” because their goal is to help 10,000 business owners. They do have some qualification guidelines, so check their website at to see if you would qualify and if you do I would highly recommend you to apply.

The program takes several months to complete with weekly meetings in major metropolitan cities. Hopefully,  you live in a city that the program is offered. Each week participants learn something new from finance to marketing to sales. They have excellent educators and sometimes they bring industry experts to speak.  After I had finished my cohort, I was even invited to speak in front of cohort after me about internet marketing!

Not only I learned a great deal in these sessions, but also I made great friends that I speak to this day and I even signed a couple of people for my marketing services as clients! It was also great to discuss daily business matters with similar minded business owners and even learn something from them.

There are such business training programs offered by several leadership training companies for thousands of dollars, but if you qualify for 10KSB, you pay nothing, so I highly recommend it!